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Dear Friends of the Percy list,

For once Henry Mills has it wrong. it wasn't me who compared Walker to a 
Jihadist. that thought got started by someone else and it was me who suggested 
that there was nothing of the Jihadist in Walker's world view. If the contrary 
notion came across it must have been garbled in cyberspace or reinterpreted by 
our vice president. Walker did not hold with violence as a method of bringing 
about change of any kind and as a matter of fact spent endless hours preventing 
what we feared might turn into a violent confrontation between demonstrating 
youth and the school system over the presence of a Confederate flag in the 
office of the school principal. He was a great believer in an orderly society, 
the antithesis of jihad, at least as I understand the meaning of that word.

Nikki Barranger

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