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Henry Mills hpmills3 at austin.rr.com
Tue May 1 22:09:56 EDT 2007

> Percy fellows:
> I will be chairing a session at the annual convention of the South Atlantic
> Modern Language Association (see topic below).  Am seeking papers on the
> topic: ³Walker Percy Today² ­  that topic should be broad enough to fit many
> different Percy interests.  I think Percy is relevant today ­ but somehow is
> not included in college curricula as much as he should be!  Some of the
> suggestions came from listserv observations, as you can see below ­ Nikki
> compared Lancelot to a Jihadist; someone here (don¹t remember who) also noted
> LIR echoed Katrina.
> Just e-mail a one-page abstract to me at karey1 at charter.net by May 15.  The
> SAMLA website is  http://www.samla.org <http://www.samla.org/>  (or
> http://samla.gsu.edu <http://samla.gsu.edu/> ) with the conference information
> ­ November 9-11, 2007, in Atlanta, at the Renaissance Hotel downtown.
> I would love to see some of you at the conference, at the session, or giving
> your paper for the session!  We¹ve conversed over the years, and though I have
> been silent lately (attempting to diligently finish a dissertation before I
> pontificate on a listservŠ), hopefully, we¹ll be able to reconnect and meet!
> Karey Perkins
> Senior Professor of English, DeVry University
> Alpharetta, Georgia
> Topic:  Walker Percy, an honorary memory of SAMLA, is sometimes considered
> ³merely² a topical writer and, in the 17 years since his death, seems to have
> faded from the literary landscape.  College literature courses, even those on
> southern literature, only infrequently include Percy¹s writing.  How is Percy
> relevant to us today?  Does his study of symbol and language have anything to
> offer linguists, philosophers, or anthropologists today?  Are his dystopian
> science fiction novels, his social satires, and his social parodies
> out-of-date ­ or was he a prescient visionary, still current today and in the
> future?  Possible topics include, but are not limited to, the similarities
> between the psychology of Lancelot and a modern day terrorist; Love in the
> Ruins as a description of the chaos and racial divide in New Orleans after
> Hurricane Katrina; the Knotheads and the LEFTPAPAS forecasting the political
> divide in America today; More¹s lapsometer in Love in the Ruins and patient
> medication in The Second Coming echoing the popularity of Prozac and other
> anti-depressants today. One-page abstracts sent to Karey Perkins at
> karey1 at charter.net by May 15, 2007.  Complete papers should be no more than
> ten pages or 20 minutes to read.
> Whoops ­ was it Rich Gray who first noticed Lancelot as a jihadist? I went
> back through the archives and perhaps it was.  At any rate, my re-reading of
> Lancelot confirmed that perspective ­ Lancelot has the psychology of a
> terrorist in every way.
> Karey

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