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Michael Larson wrote:

>> To sum up, I would not argue that Percy speaks only through Lance (as I 
agreed in an earlier post, he speaks through Lance's confessor as well), nor 
would I argue that Percy did not do his best to try to reconcile the church 
had converted to with the one he ended up with. It must have been, I am sure, 

quite a feat of grappling in his considerable mind. What I will stand by, 
the evidence points otherwise, is that he speaks at least in part through 
and that he was anything but enamored with the spirit of novelty in the 
post-conciliar church. On the contrary, there is some reason to believe that 
may nearly have cost him the Faith. <<

I have to re-read Lancelot before I can make a contribution to this 
but (along with others) would like to know more about WP's take on Vatican 
I can imagine he would have given it very mixed reviews. He may well have 
regarded the Council's final text (the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in 

the Modern World, Gaudium et Spes) as a very important achievement and 
may also have been glad to see the Liturgy rendered in English, but been 
appalled with what actually happened to the new Liturgy when it reached the 
average parish (goodbye Gregorian chant, welcome guitars and pop music).

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Jim Forest

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