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In a line of thinking different from what's been touched on, I read  
Lance not so much as Percy's expression of a disenchantment with  
Catholicism as I do a sharp critique of popular culture--particularly  
the movies, which Percy was always fond of.  I think this is because  
I cannot ignore the fact that Lance's initial frustration is with the  
all-but-pornographic movie being filmed at his home.  William Dowie  
in his essay "Lancelot and the Search for Sin" argues that the novel  
is even a parody of Percy's own ire with popular culture, and I'm  
inclined to agree.


On Jan 13, 2007, at 3:53 PM, Gray, Rich wrote:

> Nikki's last post and this one present a fascinating puzzle: How  
> much was Walker Percy invested in Lance Lamar?  And to what degree  
> was Percy's disenchantment with Catholicism in the 1970s reflected  
> in Lancelot?  This novel stands apart from the other five in being  
> less comic in its satire.
> I would be interested in reading what lurkers think about Lance.
> Rich
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