[percy-l] Percy-L Digest, Vol 44, Issue 1

RHONDA MCDONNELL rhonda_mcdonnell at msn.com
Thu Jan 4 12:34:08 EST 2007

Rich wrote:
>How can one be against the world without wishing to be a terrorist--maybe 
>just for one day?

I wonder if that feeling (which I understand and sometimes share) is part 
and parcel of our current state. If Percy is right and the 20th century was 
the century of death and its inhabitants were, in his words, death-dealing 
and death-loving, what does this 21st century bring?

This conversation has me thinking of LANCELOT within the chronology of 
Percy's work. If we agree with Michael, that LANCELOT speaks, in part, for 
Walker (I'm willing to entertain the notion), then can we see the Percy 
protagonists in a continuum of sorts? If so, Lance is a purgative character. 
In the novel that follows, THE SECOND COMING, Will is able to pitch the 
death urge over a cliff and to build a community rather than destroy one (at 
least, that's his plan).

p.s. Michael, is this more readable??


"I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance"

                                    e.e. cummings

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