[percy-l] The Naked Ape's Triadic Threshold

robert.g.eckert at us.army.mil robert.g.eckert at us.army.mil
Thu Apr 26 23:13:55 EDT 2007

Newsweek recently had an article on human evolution in which was argued that human beings became hairless about 110,000 years ago. This was based on the DNA analysis of hair lice becoming body lice. 

The earliest known symbol use, last I checked into this stuff, was beads found in East Africa--the Blombos Cave, dating from some 90,000 years. 

To my thinking, the point at which human beings crossed the triadic threshold is looking to be about 100,000 years ago.

Being that it was a qualitative, punctual, evolutionary event, it must have occured at a specific time and place. 

Searching for this Adam Event is now involving lice DNA.

This makes me think of Percy's siggest to triangulate--use many perspectives to locate a point.

If it did occur, more evidence is out there.

 - Spc Robert Eckert  

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