[percy-l] Babel

Beck, David A dabeck at iupui.edu
Sun Nov 26 23:59:08 EST 2006

Since we like to discuss Percy's views on language, I thought I'd do a 
little stretch and ask if anyone has seen Babel. I have really enjoyed 
Alejandro González Iñárritu's previous two movies (Amoress Perros (sp?) 
and 21 Grams). While the movie offers no insights about language 
acquistion, it does offer some insights on the confusion that language 
can bring. (Since the movie focuses on language and that one of the 
main characters is deaf, I thought that it might be an appropriate 
discussion on this somewhat comatose listserv.) I think that the deaf 
girl's attempt to "connect" through language is very moving and 
Sitting at the tomb and awaiting a resurrection,

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