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Great question. I wonder if the fault wasn't with my perception of them. For 
17 and 18 year olds, being introspective might be a role that they play. A 
sort of posture that they take in a self-conscious fashion. Sort of like 
Kate in MG, who likes to do things because its the sort of things that a 
person of the type she sees herself as does. So, these kids play the part of 
the deep thinker and write poetry (mostly bad) and engage in 
self-consciously "deep" conversations. Whereas, the student who doesen't 
come across as introspective is probably keeping his self-examination to 
himself. Like Binx does. And so Binx resonates for that student because he 
sees himself in Binx, whereas the self-consciously introspective student is 
too busy playing the role to connect with Binx--and they seemed to suspect 
Binx's motives and authenticity because they suspect their own.

An interesting side note: I expected my young feminists to take umbrage at 
Percy's women--Kate particularly. Instead, they liked her a great deal and 
found her much easier to connect to than Binx. All the angst with the 
parents, I guess.

. . . what people really fear is not that the bomb will fall but that the 
bomb will not fall . . .
                               --Walker Percy

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>On the  other hand, some of the students who seemed 
>like  Binx--didn't connect with the novel at all.
>I can't help but wonder:  Is this an anomaly?  Can you possibly  give an
>account for the introspective students who did not connect with the  novel?

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