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David: It's been 20 years since I first cracked it, and I'm in fact
reading it with some attention to how it strikes me differently, or
rather what now strikes me. I will try to make mental notes as time
permits. I notice right-off how drowsy and discursive the opening is
(not in a bad way), yet how efficiently and vividly Percy captures the
various characters. I'd forgotten some of the simple joys of character
here, especially Uncle Jules (Binx wants to bury his face in the snowy
expanse of his snug cotton shirts). I shouldn't get ahead of myself, but
I'm also reflecting on the datedness of the story's social world and
detail. There is a particular ambered Americana and class detail here
that some (many?) might not be able to grog (I grew up close enough to
this world to recognize the signs and symbols and sly parodies thereof).
Will the existential salience of Binx's predicament have the same
meaning? Just early thoughts. 


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Robert et al,
I'm also re-reading TMG. (I tried listening to it on some cds from the 
library and wasn't impressed with the quality or reader. Besides, I 
think Percy is one of those authors who is better read than listened 
Anyway, I know we tried to have a discussion on LIR  and it didn't take 
off. Maybe you (Robert) and anyone else who might be re-reading (or has 
read) it can throw out some reflections, insights, etc. I'd like to see 
a discussion start on some specifics about the book, perhaps starting 
at the beginning and working our way through it.
Just a thought.

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