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Greetings folks: If memory serves, Jaynes's book came out in 1976. That 
would be a long time after Percy presented with an interest in Peirce 
(as the MDs would phrase it).  Father Samway in his introduction for 
THIEF OF PEIRCE makes a strong case that 1947 would have been the start 
of WP's awareness of CSP. There is clear evidence in WP's own hand that 
he had thought long and hard about Peirce by the late 1950s (see 
posthumous publication of WP's typescript entitled "Peirce and Modern 
Semiotic" in Doubletake Magazine, pp. 52 f.,  Winter 2002). This WP ms 
is an important item for Percy scholarship because it had laid around 
un-noticed until recently, perhaps un-noticed because it appeared to 
lack an ending for the essay. I found that adding three words produced a 
very plausible ending, so I persuaded Dr. Coles to publish it in 
Doubletake. Unfortunately for scholarship, Doubletake fell into hard 
economic times, and this particular issue may not have been distributed 
as widely as previous issues. Anyway, I have copies, and now that 
Doubletake is back in business, having teamied with another mag, perhaps 
you all can help me be sure that this publication of a lost gem  can get 
noticed and used by the Percy scholars.  Maybe some of the folks at  the 
Percy website can get this  item from Doubletake up as a readable pdf.
Ken Ketner

Marcus wrote:

>Two notes to Karey Perkins' interesting remarks about Percy
>and Jaynes.
>1.  "So yes, maybe that was the little clue [in Jaynes] that
>led Percy down the rabbit trail to Peirce?" I am very
>confident that Percy was into and onto Peirce quite a long
>time before he encountered Jaynes.
>2.  Another fragment floating out of my memory hole is that
>Percy wasn't for a moment to reduce the OT prophets into
>"something like a schizophrenic hearing voices." 
>PS I don't have a copy of OCBCM nearby.  If you have a
>moment Karey, check to see if JJ says anything about Allah
>dictating the Koran directly to Muhammad.

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