[percy-l] consciousness, Julian Jaynes, and Percy

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Thu Jul 6 11:36:04 EDT 2006

Now in answer to your specific questions, Yes Walker read Jaynes, I think at 
my recommendation. His reaction was essentially the same with me and the book 
group as marcus has indicated.

To the best of my knowledge, his reading of Jaynes antedated his deep 
interest in CSP which of course culminated in the Jefferson Lecture and the published 
Ketner correspondence. I had forgotten that Jaynes mentions CSP, but it is 
possible that even a slight mention may have been the thing that drew Walker's 
interest in that direction; his mind worked that way and he would frequently 
wander down rabbit tracks for no apparent reason only to be turned on to 
something of major interest to him. I do the same thing and our shared willingness to 
take such rabbit safaris was one of the bonds we shared. I think Ken Ketner 
would have further stories to share on the same point.

Nikki Barranger

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