[percy-l] consciousness, Julian Jaynes, and Percy

Karey Perkins karey at kareyperkins.com
Wed Jul 5 23:55:40 EDT 2006

I am reading Julian Jaynes's  The Origin of Consciousness and the Breakdown
of the Bicameral Mind, C 1976, 1990.  He discusses the evolution of




1)  Did Percy read Jaynes?  If so, his opinion?

2)  How might he have responded, in your opinion, if he had read him?

3)  Did Jaynes know of Percy?  He does cite Peirce, ever so briefly, but not
Percy, Langer, or Cassirer.

4)  What is the general consensus of the mind-body and/or semiotic community
on Jaynes?

5)  Has anyone on the list read Jaynes?

6)  How does Jaynes' thoughts stand up today? (16 years after last printing)

7)  What do you think of Jaynes?  What is the value of his book/thoughts?

8)  Any other thoughts?


I do remember Mike Frentz differentiating between the more scientific
approaches to semiotics/consciousness and the more humanistic approaches,
with Jaynes in the former camp and Percy in the latter.. I've heard this
book is an important one - 




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