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Pity indeed.  I take your point without any comfort to offer.  The crisis in humanities publishing continues, and university presses have had to take drastic measures to survive.  Of course, these include such prohibitively high prices, more limited printings, fewer paperbacks at least vaguely in the purchasable range, etc.  Still, I am pleased that you express some interest.  Thanks.


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>>> JHForest at cs.com 07/04/06 6:13 AM >>>
>> The pleasure and satisfaction of having a new book just out have 
irresistibly combined with the easy availability of an appropriate listserv and a "hard 
url" to make advertising its recent publication almost effortless. As you may 
recall, I have previously mentioned the presence of Percy and especially The 
Movigoer in my book as a matter of possible interest for subscribers to this 
list. So here it is, just a click away (with my sincere apologies for the 
price). <<
>> http://www.cas.sc.edu/engl/faculty/faculty_pages/rhu/cavell.html

What a fine title and inviting cover! But what a pity that it costs so much. 
I fear this will put it beyond the budget of many who might have wished to buy 
a copy, myself included.

Jim Forest

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