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Rhonda: I was drawn in to a running conversation about God with a group
of men. The sort of conversation which, to quite Percy, "give me a
neckache." This passage came to me, vaguely, but with a memory of
pungent satisfaction. (Percy's ruminations on faith are always on the
edges of my consciousness, I guess). I remembered how Percy managed to
displease everybody and yet get at the old dilemma of faith in a fresh
way. I, too, wanted to displease and provoke. I also thought it was a
good opportunity to introduce Percy to a bunch of young people. 
regards, R


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Just for curiousity's sake, what are you using the passage for?


"I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance"
                                    e.e. cummings


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	Found it referred to in an essay by Kent Gramm. From The Second
Coming. Of course it is much longer than this. Thank you.
	There are only two classes of people, the believers and the
unbelievers. The only difficulty is deciding which is the more feckless.

	... As unacceptable as believers are, unbelievers are even

	... The present day unbeliever is crazy because he finds himself
born into a world of endless wonders, having no notion how he got here,
a world in which he eats, sleeps ... works, grows old, gets sick, and
dies, and... Not once in his entire life does it cross his mind to say
to himself that his situation is preposterous...

	... The more intelligent he is, the crazier he is... He is as
insane as a French intellectual.


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	"To people! To unbelievers and to so-called believers." ...
	Fr. Smith is talking to Tom More about how words have been
deprived of their meaning.  
	The Thanatos Syndrome, Section II, part 6 (or chapter 6)
	R. Schaefer

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