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TM page 145:

My mother's family think I have lost my faith and they pray  for me to 
recover it.  I don't know what they're talking about.  Other people, so 
I have read, are pious as children and later become skeptical (or, as 
they on This I Believe:  "in time I outgrew the creed and dogmas of my 
organized religion.")  Not I.  My unbelief was invincible from the 
beginning.  I could never make head or tail of God.  The proofs of God's 
existence may have been true for all I know, but it didn't make the 
slightest difference.  If God himself had appeared to me, it would have 
changed nothing.  In fact, I have only to hear the word God and a 
curtain comes down in my head.

I think (although I looked and could not find it) there is passage about 
98 percent of American's claiming to believers in some fictional poll, 
with Binx opining that this does not leave much room for a non-believer.

Bottom line -- this theme runs through all -- or most all of -- of WP's 
wonderful work.

All best to all -- Dave Duty

Robert_Pauley at oxy.com wrote:

> Found it referred to in an essay by Kent Gramm. From The Second 
> Coming. Of course it is much longer than this. Thank you.
> Excerpts:
> There are only two classes of people, the believers and the 
> unbelievers. The only difficulty is deciding which is the more feckless.
> ... As unacceptable as believers are, unbelievers are even worse.
> ... The present day unbeliever is crazy because he finds himself born 
> into a world of endless wonders, having no notion how he got here, a 
> world in which he eats, sleeps ... works, grows old, gets sick, and 
> dies, and... Not once in his entire life does it cross his mind to say 
> to himself that his situation is preposterous...
> ... The more intelligent he is, the crazier he is... He is as insane 
> as a French intellectual.
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> "To people! To unbelievers and to so-called believers." ...
> Fr. Smith is talking to Tom More about how words have been deprived of 
> their meaning. 
> The Thanatos Syndrome, Section II, part 6 (or chapter 6)
> R. Schaefer
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