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_Rotarians bare all for good cause_ 
_Concord Transcript ^_ 
ities_neighborhoods/concord/12770759.htm)  | 9/29/5 | Kellie Applen

Wearing nothing but his 12-string guitar, 65-year-old Paul King smiled wide  
for the camera, knowing full well his photograph would be seen by clients,  
friends -- even complete strangers.  
"It's no big thing," said King, one of a dozen members of Rotary Club of  
Concord who wear their birthday suits for an upcoming calendar.  
"We're having a ball ... an absolute ball, doing this. There are going to be  
some people who might be slightly offended, but the majority of people think  
it's a great idea," he said.  
It's an idea King and fellow Rotarian Memory Woodard, a Clayton resident,  
latched onto after reading an article in People magazine about a Rotary Club in  
New York whose members took it all off for a fund-raising calendar.  
The payoff was big and brought the group some celebrity, King said.  
"I said, 'Hey guys, this is where we need to go with this,'" said Woodard,  
one of two female Rotarians to pose in the calendar. "We are trying to put  
ourselves on the map and I think this will do it."  
Many of their fellow Rotarians loved the idea, so much so that there were  
more members who volunteered to go to the almost-"Full Monty," than there were  
months in the calendar.  
"We've got a bunch of hunks in our Rotary," said King, noting that those who  
could not make it into the 2006 calendar have been promised spots in the next 
King, who works in sales and plays guitar in his band the Folk and Oldies, is 
 featured in the month of September.  
Woodard, an employee benefits broker is featured in April, covered only with  
strategically placed flowers and a shovel bearing the Rotary Club emblem.  
While she did not initially plan to model, Woodard said she changed her mind  
to show people that the organization is not just a men's club. She used the 
same  rationale to persuade fellow Rotarians to include women in the calendar.  
Woodard said she has no regrets about posing and her husband is all for it,  
"(He) is so excited about it. He is telling everybody ... he loves the shock  
value," Woodard said, adding that she has yet to tell her two grown sons.  
Other Rotarians making the calendar include club president Michael  
Barrington; Rick Ernst, Bruce Hall, Bill Bobetsky, Lisa Gallup, Richard Kops,  Alex 
Ozuna, Rick Vossekuil, Chris Moulis, Tony Akins, and Jeff Warrenburg,  according 
to King.  
The club expects to sell the calendar for $20, beginning in November. All of  
the proceeds will go to charity, though the group hasn't decided which ones 
yet,  King said.

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