[percy-l] hurricane in Lancelot

dabeck at iupui.edu dabeck at iupui.edu
Wed Sep 28 13:30:26 EDT 2005

Thanks, Teresa for your first-hand insights. I appreciate it. They give me a 
better "feel" for the situation.

Quoting Teresa <ttbrader at mindspring.com>:

> I don't know how many hurricane scares your new student has been through 
> in her lifetime, and I can only speak to this question from a personal 
> viewpoint. 
> That quote from /Lancelot /about enjoying hurricanes ... I understand it 
> because of past experiences -- from when I was a child up until the one 
> before Katrina, I guess.  (I am 43 years old.)  If your student has 
> experienced past hurricane threats (before Katrina), she may understand 
> the feeling Percy talks of.  Katrina was different, though, and that may 
> be all she can think of right now.
> When we first heard that Friday night/Saturday morning that a hurricane 
> was headed our way, I admit that I felt a pleasurable anticipation of 
> being snug inside with my husband while the bad weather rattled around 
> outside.  But as the news changed and New Orleans was put under 
> mandatory evacuation (first time ever) that Sunday morning, the 
> anticipation was pleasurable no longer.  I felt dread.  The dread 
> deepened as the night lengthened.  I have never felt that way with any 
> other hurricane. 
> I'd imagine that for your student, as with most everyone else around 
> here -- whether they have not been back home or whether they have been 
> able to come back, as I have -- her emotions are raw and right there, 
> ready to spill out.  I have not had one 'good' cry, but then my eyes 
> well up instantly and I hurt at just about everything I see and hear 
> nowadays.  It may be the same for her.
> Not really a suggestion, I know ...
> Teresa
> dabeck at iupui.edu wrote:
> >Still, I wonder how she will see the whole hurricane effect and the
> hurricane in 
> >Lancelot.
> > Any suggestions?
> >

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