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Teresa ttbrader at mindspring.com
Wed Sep 28 00:54:04 EDT 2005

I don't know how many hurricane scares your new student has been through 
in her lifetime, and I can only speak to this question from a personal 

That quote from /Lancelot /about enjoying hurricanes ... I understand it 
because of past experiences -- from when I was a child up until the one 
before Katrina, I guess.  (I am 43 years old.)  If your student has 
experienced past hurricane threats (before Katrina), she may understand 
the feeling Percy talks of.  Katrina was different, though, and that may 
be all she can think of right now.

When we first heard that Friday night/Saturday morning that a hurricane 
was headed our way, I admit that I felt a pleasurable anticipation of 
being snug inside with my husband while the bad weather rattled around 
outside.  But as the news changed and New Orleans was put under 
mandatory evacuation (first time ever) that Sunday morning, the 
anticipation was pleasurable no longer.  I felt dread.  The dread 
deepened as the night lengthened.  I have never felt that way with any 
other hurricane. 

I'd imagine that for your student, as with most everyone else around 
here -- whether they have not been back home or whether they have been 
able to come back, as I have -- her emotions are raw and right there, 
ready to spill out.  I have not had one 'good' cry, but then my eyes 
well up instantly and I hurt at just about everything I see and hear 
nowadays.  It may be the same for her.

Not really a suggestion, I know ...


dabeck at iupui.edu wrote:

>Still, I wonder how she will see the whole hurricane effect and the hurricane in 
> Any suggestions?
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