[percy-l] Pauley and Mitchell

Teresa ttbrader at mindspring.com
Tue Sep 27 01:35:37 EDT 2005

from the link posted below:

> thousands of looters systematically destroy what Katrina left unscathed

> Thousands of opportunistic vultures have looted stores all over the city

I've read of 'dozens' -- not thousands.

> The New Orleans /Times-Picayune/ has posted photos on its website of 
> other police officers joining in the widespread theft from unattended 
> stores.

The 2 photos I saw (one I still found on the website) were of police 
confiscating looted items.  The caption did not read that the officers 
were looting the stores.

Robert_Pauley at oxy.com wrote:

>a link here to particularly well-written summary piece from a rather
>well-regarded journal. 
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