[percy-l] Pauley and Mitchell's smug, self righteousness

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I've no intention to divert the forum from its reinvigorated focus on
Percy's works but as my name was cited in a recent thread, I feel
obliged to make a short response. 

As to who I am: nobody, really (not that it matters)- merely an observer
of civic life, and an admirer of Walker Percy. 

As to New Orleans, there is an ample body of evidence to support
assertions of the city's storied corruption and incompetence. I include
a link here to particularly well-written summary piece from a rather
well-regarded journal. I have said nothing new or scandalous.

I do not dislike New Orleans, am very sorry for its misfortune, and wish
it the best.  Mostly I wish, as I do for every city as the case may be,
that the brigands and varmints that run things so badly and dishonorably
get tossed out and good, caring people get put in. 

Best, R. Pauley


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