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Teresa ttbrader at mindspring.com
Mon Sep 26 14:54:40 EDT 2005

I do believe what you say is true to an extent.  I am *very* 
disappointed in the mayor and police chief for this.  Perhaps the stress 
was getting to them at the time or this was their way of getting help -- 
I don't know.  I really can't and don't want to excuse it.

But there were other things that were reported that seemed to come from 
the 'people on the streets' and not from any officials -- things that 
were disseminated before the police chief talked to Oprah etc.  I heard 
these reports on CNN or MSNBC (when our local station gave its feed over 
to the national news outlets late at night) from their own reporters 
(who didn't give sources) and that was before the city officials had 
spoken on these things. 

With the statement you quoted from me, I was referring to other things 
I'd read and learned earlier than what I read in this latest article -- 
which, of course, you could not have known.  I have no articles to quote 
to back this up, so I understand if that might be taken with a grain of 

I know I chose to answer you on list, but this is all I will have to say 
on the matter.  I figure the more people who know the truth (as far as 
the truth can be discerned, that is) about the situation itself, the 
better -- which is the only reason I wanted to dispute the comparison of 
this situation to LitR by the New Yorker.  If anything, the situation 
reminds me of Jose Saramago's novel /Blindness/.


Tommy Armstrong wrote:

> I find it very heartening that what was reported was false. It was 
> really difficult for me to fathom that that level of violence was 
> being allowed to happen within the dome and converntion center--or 
> that such a large number of people were actually involved.
> But your comment:
> " most of the violence that was reported happening in New Orleans by 
> the national media after Hurricane Katrina *never* happened." ..."They 
> were just reporting what they heard on the street and not following up 
> on it."
> I think is a bit too accusatory of the national media--after all their 
> sources for much of this seem to be the Chief of Police and the Mayor 
> and other ranking officials. In most circumstances, one would think 
> them to be pretty reliable sources, especially when it paints a bad 
> picture instead of a good one about their citizens, which would 
> normally be the case. The way I read the article, the promulgation of 
> rumor by the two highest local officials caused much suffering to 
> those evacuees and prevented help from getting to them faster because 
> of security reasons. If I interpreted it wrongly, let me know off list.

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