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Teresa ttbrader at mindspring.com
Mon Sep 26 12:52:12 EDT 2005

I'd like the New Yorker to read this article:


I knew most of what was reported in this article already from various 
things I was reading, but I have corroboration in one article now -- 
most of the violence that was reported happening in New Orleans by the 
national media after Hurricane Katrina *never* happened.  (The local 
media on our battery operated TV never reported things like that.  They 
were busy getting the real stuff out that people who were still around 
needed to know.) 

This makes me so mad, because most of the nat'l sources have not made 
any retractions.  They were just reporting what they heard on the street 
and not following up on it.  As if the squalid conditions and the 
indignities that people had to endure -- that really did exist -- were 
not bad enough to report on!  Because of the rumors and false reporting, 
I'm sure some of the rescuers were deterred from what they needed to be 

from Kenner -- 2 suburbs to the west of the city of N.O.

Dye, Steve wrote:

>(though  not nearly as bad as) what we've seen for the past week, with
>armed bands roaming the countryside, columns of smoke rising on the
>horizon, and people hiding out in half-destroyed buildings.
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