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Excerpt from the September 12 issue of the New Yorker ("The Talk of the
Town" section) - "It isn't just that New Orleans has one of the highest
murder rates in the country; the city has repeatedly been the scene of
armed conflict, most notably during Reconstruction and the governorship
of Huey Long. Walker Percy's 1971 novel "Love in the Ruins", set on the
Gulf Coast outside New Orleans, imagined a scene not too far from
(though  not nearly as bad as) what we've seen for the past week, with
armed bands roaming the countryside, columns of smoke rising on the
horizon, and people hiding out in half-destroyed buildings. Thirty years
earlier, in a memoir called "Lanterns on the Levee", Percy's cousin
William Alexander Percy proudly conjured up the echt-Bourbon picture of
himself facing down unruly homeless African-Americans in the wake of the
1927 flood"...

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I would very much like to do this--especially since there are a lot more
smarter people on this list than myself, and would very probably learn a
great deal. 

What do you think Mr. Modrator? 

Come up with some very simple ground rules such as a standard subject
a start time and schedule--"reasonable time" is one of the operative
here, and the list could give their suggestions. With POB all the novels
were about the same length, but with Percy, some would obviously take
than others. I am not sure about the novels of Percy and their
between different editions, but it did make for an easier discussion if
were using the same edition or at least if there was a cross reference
the quotation under discussion. 

If it really got good, one could then compile all the posts about the
under discussion into a master document. 

The way it worked with POB was that pretty much anything was fair game
long as it came from the novel that was being read. Links to maps,
definitions, historical material, etc. etc. 

For example the recipe of a "Gin Fizz" in Love in the Ruins.

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Hello to all,

I think is would very interesting to work through the novels at a
pace as a sort of on-line/list reading group.  As for the non-fiction,
strikes me as harder to organize for such a discussion group.

Also, for any of you out there who are looking to write conference
about Percy, there is an annual comp lit conference at USC (Columbia) in
February.   Its topic this year is "Cultures of Evil and the Attractions
Villainy," which may make the experience of Tom More particlarly
Would any of you be interested in putting together a panel on the two
novels and other relevant writings by Percy?


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>>> tfa at brickengraver.com 09/17/05 1:53 PM >>>
I was just wondering if anything like that had been done on the Percy
I was once a member of a Patrick O'Brian list and they did a "group
read" of
all of the Canon of 22 books that POB wrote--1 each two months if I
remember. Would this be an appropriate use of this list. We used a kind
of a
standard subject line, such as "GroupRead Master and Commander" so that
email clients could easily easily sort on just that thread. People who
wished to participate did, those that did not simply filtered out that
I for one would love some sort of a stuctured way that would "force" me
go back through the Percy Canon--especially with some guidance from all
able bodied seamen that inhabit this ship. 
Just a thought.
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