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Sun Sep 25 13:45:00 EDT 2005

Chuck Lowry
Brooklyn, New York

And we were doing so well with starting up the LITR group...

Isn't  this the sort of thing, from either side, that we were going to try to 
 avoid?  That is not to say that these are unimportant questions or unworthy  
of examination, but wasn't the consensus "not here"? 
I've been watching this discussion closely since it began, and I don't  
recall a "consensus" of any sort emerging. I do recall the list master  attempting 
to avoid further discussion of NOLA, but both left and right group  members 
dissented from that effort.  I think Nikki deserves to be heard,  and if someone 
doesn't like it, don't read it.
Meanwhile, what on earth does the LTR group on LITR have to do with the  NOLA 
discussion thread?

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