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I have heard two bits of info about the school bus fiasco. the First is  that 
a number of them got drowned along with a number of military high water  
vehicles that were overtaken by quickly rising waters. The second is that the  
rumors of the sniping by gangs had spread to the ranks of the bus drivers and  
that they were afraid to risk their lives by going in. I cannot say if either or 
 both are true as the information network to the northshore fifty miles north 
of  the ciry has been blocked out almost completely because of our power 
losses and  road blockages. I have an extensive journal that I've kept on the 
tense days  following the storm which I will share with anyone interested (if you 
are  prepared to drop a hat) but which I do not post en masse in defference to 
 Henry's admonitions.
Regarding the question of why us Louisiana folks haven't told the Feds to  go 
to hell by taking matters into their own hands, the matter is somewhat more  
complex. The redesign of a levee system to protect the New Orleans saucer is 
an  extrememly complicated business and has been managed by the Corps rather 
well,  all things considered. It is also monstrously expensive and would consume 
our  entire Gross State Product for a decade. The Corps have spent years 
figuring out  what should be done, and have always stood ready to do it. We have 
been begging  for the money and it has been repeatedly denied by the Congress 
and the  Executive Branch. OUR Congressmen (yea even the  Republican ones like 
Vitter and Breaux) have been all for it, but we littlechaps  do not vote in 
the elections which return assholes like Hastert and Frist  and DeLay to office. 
And, contrary to the views contemporaneously expressed by  the media 
regarding our recent civil unrest (so I understand for I wasn't able  to see them 
myself), we tend to be a law abiding group -- prone neither to  secession nor the 
assisination of assholes. Even attempts to take a tractor up  to the top of 
the levee with a load of dirt would be met by swift arrest. Hell,  They won't 
even let you ride a bike up there. So just how would you suggest that  we 
proceed? Perhaps now Congress will get the message that if they want to  have a Port 
of New Orleans, they had better have a levee system that bloody well  works! 
And while they're at it, perhaps they'll get the message that it would be  a 
good idea to sign on to the Kyoto Treaty to minimize (insofar as possible --  
which may admittedly not be much) the global warming that is contributing to 
the  sudden rash of serial hurricanes. 
Does that respond to the questions adequately? If so, you have my  permission 
to forward this on to your Congressperson and Senators. If not,  sharpen the 
inquiry and I'll try to do better.
Nikki Barranger
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