[percy-l] Group Read Suggestions??

Blostopher blostopher at nyc.rr.com
Tue Sep 20 03:01:50 EDT 2005

I've been lurking as well, but a discussion of Love in the Ruins just 
might bring me out of the shadows . . . I agree - a timely book.

Christopher Blosser

On Sep 19, 2005, at 12:11 PM, Gray, Rich wrote:

> After confessing to lurking, I want to second Steve and Tommy's 
> suggestions.  Love in the Ruins would make a fine beginning to a 
> book-at-a-time discussion.
> Rich Gray
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> Having been a member of this list for several years now, this is the 
> best suggestion I have heard. It certainly beats recent subject 
> matter. I am one of the "lay" members but have read everything Percy 
> has written (am currently re-reading "The Moviegoer", which I first 
> read in 1973). I just happened to come upon "Love in the Ruins" at a 
> bookstore in New Orleans in 1988 and read it by the pool at what was 
> then the Clarion Hotel on Canal Street. It would not be an 
> exaggeration to say that reading Percy has changed my life. The first 
> thing I thought of as I watched the events in New Orleans transpire 
> that first few days was that it was right out of "Love in the Ruins". 
> The odd thing is that recently I had felt that "love in the Ruins" had 
> become somewhat "passé"!
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