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Henry P. Mills wpercy2 at ibiblio.org
Mon Sep 12 20:34:08 EDT 2005

Dear Percy-L,

I submit the below notice a second time for those who may have missed it
during its first posting yesterday.  Thank you to the members of the
community who have written to me expressing concern about the recent
digressions of the list away from any association with Percy-related topics
as well as the frequently demeaning ways in which they were presented.  From
my impressions of reading the work of Percy and what I know of the man,
civility and respect were values that ultimately extended both from his
person and literary corpus.  Such are the values of this community no matter
how suitable or timely a given topic may be.

Henry Mills


As Percy-L manager, I submit this email to the community announcing a
moratorium on all further hurricane commentary or political commentary that
is not discussed relative to the work or thought of Walker Percy.  This
statement is not to exclude the introduction of outside subjects and
perspectives as they may seem relevant to Percy discussion.  Rather, it is
simply to underscore that Percy¹s thought or its relationship to a topic
should be the base of all list commentary, including discussion of current
events. If any member of the community does not agree with this intent or
focus, they are cordially invited to unsubscribe.

Henry Mills
Percy-L Manager 
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