[percy-l] Countdown to a Meltdown

Tommy Armstrong tfa at brickengraver.com
Sat Sep 10 14:27:36 EDT 2005

OK -- It obviously seems that we have a major difference of opinion on the
structure of the United States and the responsibilities of the various
levels of government. This has been an historical argument since before the
union was formed. It seems an irreconcilable rift in philosophies between
two points of view. That being said, I really do respect the arguments of
the other side, I just respectfully disagree, as the cliché goes. 

And, I for one am going to look forward instead of backward--and hope that
from this fiasco, a good deal of good will come out. I know the pumps and
levees will be fixed. That there will be intense scrutiny to rebuild a city
with new values. I just heard an interview on NPR of two evacuees that were
dispersed to other places in the US and they said they had no intention of
going back to that crime and drug laden city. The city had done nothing for
them. At least for them, it was a positive, and their lives will probably
much better off as a result--at least they think that their lives will be. 

Americans of all persuasions are notorious for taking action, but only after
a crisis forces that action. There is an incredible lack of a "preventative
maintenance" mentality across all segments of society, and especially
government at ALL levels. Perhaps, this event was large enough to help
change that philosophy. 

Ken says:
"Those with the most power and the huge resources needed to step up, dump
the rules, and move immediately."

Scary, very scary. Dumping rules is almost always scary. Especially ones set
up to protect the chimps from the gorillas. 

I do not want some darn gorilla telling me how to live and making the
decision of what is in my best interest. I might accept their advice on how
I might be able to do things better, but will not just coming in and forcing
me to do it their way. 

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