[percy-l] Countdown to a Meltdown

Teresa Brader ttbrader at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 10 13:45:20 EDT 2005

Going along with this, if the levees and barriers had
been fixed like they should have been with the federal
government money that should have been allocated years
ago, the city would not have so many enormous problems
right now.  The city itself was only flooded after the
levee was breached -- a levee that is under federal


--- Ken Armstrong <armstron at ohiou.edu> wrote:

>  You're in denial. If the 800 pound federal gorilla
> had done the right 
> thing, it would have dwarfed the 60 pound state
> chimp.  Those with the most 
> power and the huge resources needed to step up, dump
> the rules, and move 
> immediately.  Not only did they not take the action
> the situation called 
> for, they stood on bureaucratic procedures, saying
> incredibly stupid things 
> like the people in the superdome weren't a fact
> until they became a fact 
> through bureaucratic procedure. The niceties that
> you delineate may be 
> perfectly true, but are largely irrelevant in
> relation to the federal 
> "response" to actual events. Everyone was
> incompetent? This is true and 
> needs to be acknowledged. But to those with the
> greatest resources goes the 
> greatest responsibility. Thanks to the character of
> the oversight provided 
> by Michael Brown, the federal response was retarded,
> and this situation 
> could not tolerate a retarded response.
> Ken Armstrong
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