[percy-l] N.O. Hurricane

Teresa Brader ttbrader at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 6 21:34:01 EDT 2005

I am late in responding, because I am one of the
displaced citizens of the New Orleans area, a resident
of Jefferson Parish.  In response to local vs. federal
govt., here are some questions I have pertaining to
how federal govt. hampered local efforts:

Why did FEMA turn away from the city two Wal-Mart
tractor-trailers full of bottled water before the
hurricane hit?

Why did FEMA refuse the transportation of diesel fuel
into Jefferson Parish before the hurricane hit?

Why did FEMA turn off Jefferson Parish's emergency
communication system before the hurricane hit?  The
parish sheriff then turned it back on and posted

Teresa -- born in New Orleans and lived in the area my
whole life

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