[percy-l] hurricanes

Wade Riddick wriddick at usa.net
Mon Sep 5 04:46:58 EDT 2005

>It should have found the resources where all cities find them--property
>taxes, use taxes, and the judicious use of their limited resouces.

I left out a discussion of the levee board - but then, even if one assumes
no corruption on it and even if they hadn't expanded their bureaucratic
mandate ridiculously wide, they still had to have all of their plans
approved by the Army Corps and the last guy heading up the regional Corps
was sacked by Bush for telling him not enough money was being spent.

>giving us that chance. NO may be poor--but a lot of money does flow through

A third of the city lives below the poverty line - and now really has
nothing at all.

>it--they always brag about the $2 billion $ impact of the Super
>Bowl--perhaps a % of that should have been put into the disaster relief
>coffers for the last 25 years.

Like most major taxpayer funded stadiums, it's a sinkhole of corporate
welfare and has been for years.  I expect it will get rebuilt with federal
funds and, if so, perhaps it can be turned into a better emergency shelter.
Then again, given Bush's habits I really don't think any of these promises
to rebuild New Orleans will be remembered a year later.

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