[percy-l] hurricanes

dabeck at iupui.edu dabeck at iupui.edu
Sat Sep 3 00:06:14 EDT 2005

If you want to add fuel to your fire, go see "The Constant Gardener." I highly 
recommend this movie. If you feel cynical about politicians (as I do), take a 
look (albeit fictional) at the pharmaceutical companies. 
 BTW, your rant is shared by me. I wish we could react as quickly to our own 
crises as we do to the ones in the middle east.

Quoting KMitch2626 at aol.com:

> well since both list are talking about it, and since both share common 
> readers... why not chime in a piss people off. 
> yes your all correct. did you know that our federal government, has strict 
> guidlines on how it must respond to the suffereings of african-american
> people. 
> the lack of help, was actually due to a specific wait time, we must follow, 
> whenever there is a crisis involving poor black persons such as just
> happened. 
> our governing officials actually sit and watch and chuckle at their
> suffering. 
> then at the last moment, decide to send in help. oh wait, actually, they knew
> what was going to happen, and could have prevented it.
> we are human and fallible, and im certain mistakes were made and will be. but
> if you think this is race driven... call me cold, kick me off your 
> listserves, but your full of shit! 
> my rant amidst a time of great sadness for those hit by a hurricane,
> ken mitchell
> quotes:
> "It's the first week of school and I am utterly haunted by the horrors  
> of the Gulf Coast area (Why is help taking so long? Why isn't the  
> media asking the class or race questions?) I know these are not  
> direct Percy points, but I think there are parallels. Your point  
> about mimetic desire would be a lovely thread at which to pull.  
> Surely this applies to Tom More and the man on the train (pre-crash)  
> and even Will Barrett."
> "IMHO the most significant anachy assoicated with the disaster in New Orleans
> is the US Federal government's woefully indifferent and criminally inadquate 
> response to the suffering of poor black americans.  As an american I'm 
> ashamed of our religious and racial bigotry.  First Iraq and now this.  May
> god 
> forgive us. "

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