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well since both list are talking about it, and since both share common 
readers... why not chime in a piss people off. 

yes your all correct. did you know that our federal government, has strict 
guidlines on how it must respond to the suffereings of african-american people. 
the lack of help, was actually due to a specific wait time, we must follow, 
whenever there is a crisis involving poor black persons such as just happened. 
our governing officials actually sit and watch and chuckle at their suffering. 
then at the last moment, decide to send in help. oh wait, actually, they knew 
what was going to happen, and could have prevented it.
we are human and fallible, and im certain mistakes were made and will be. but 
if you think this is race driven... call me cold, kick me off your 
listserves, but your full of shit! 

my rant amidst a time of great sadness for those hit by a hurricane,
ken mitchell


"It's the first week of school and I am utterly haunted by the horrors  
of the Gulf Coast area (Why is help taking so long? Why isn't the  
media asking the class or race questions?) I know these are not  
direct Percy points, but I think there are parallels. Your point  
about mimetic desire would be a lovely thread at which to pull.  
Surely this applies to Tom More and the man on the train (pre-crash)  
and even Will Barrett."

"IMHO the most significant anachy assoicated with the disaster in New Orleans 
is the US Federal government's woefully indifferent and criminally inadquate  
response to the suffering of poor black americans.  As an american I'm 
ashamed of our religious and racial bigotry.  First Iraq and now this.  May god 
forgive us. "

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