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from Mike's posting:

>>  After all, authentic Christianity (especially as embodied in the inept, 
corrupt, scandal-ridden, imperfect, humanly executed/divinely inspired 
Catholic Church) has despite its faults, been the most progressive force 
the world has ever known to anyone who is familiar with its history -- 
unfortunately a consistently small minority. <<

This strikes me as one of the main points Percy is making in Love in 
the Ruins. We discover a not-quite-now future in which a battered remnant 
of the Catholic Church survives after a schism that produces on the one 
hand the American Catholic Church (with its Property Rights Sunday) and 
the Dutch Catholic Church (in which political relevance is the main 
item). Then there's the rag-tag Roman Catholic Church, poor as a 
church mouse, bell-less, celebrating Mass in abandoned garages.


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