[percy-l] Pauley and Mitchell's smug, self righteousness

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I'm not sure what the point is, though. That New Orleans is not corrupt
or that I am smug. Or both. At the risk of sounding smug, I re-submit
that New Orleans is the most catastrophically corrupt and incompetently
managed city in America. Lehman is dead-on. And these charges are
helpful, for sunlight is the truest enemy of corruption and
incompetence. As Walker Percy said, it is better to identify the lesion.
Inasmuch as it painful to hear and to read about New Orleans'
"unimaginable" dysfunction, the more attention brought to the matter the
less chance it will repeat itself in a rebuilt New Orleans. I don't
think we would wish the same on any place or anybody. No, the truth is

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	Open response to Mr Pauley:
	You have just proven my point. The article which you cite from a
magazine unknown to me and written by one even more unknown, vaguely
mentions the former Marc Morial administration as being corrupt;
probably true (even though the jury has yet to be empaneled on that one)
but then the writer sneaky-cleverly tries to tar Ray Nagin with the same
brush. Not fair to Ray by a long shot. And true, he is overwhelmed but
who wouldn't be. From where I stand Ray seems to be trying his level
utmost to bring the best and brightest minds together from the greater
New Orleans area to brainstorm the problem. And condemnations like that
in the article are the direct opposite of helpful. 
	Nikki Barranger

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