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Excerpt from Newsweek October 3 issue..."The Battle to
Rebuild"...."Conspiracy theories abound in the Lower Ninth. It is taken
as a given that, during Hurricane Betsy in 1965, the city blew up a
levee and intentionally flooded the ward in order to save the mostly
white and tourist-friendly French Quarter. This is an urban legend, but
it indicates the depth of resentment felt by people who historically
have been left behind.  They have some reason to be suspicious.  Finis
Shelnutt, who owns a number of businesses near the French Quarter
(including a bar named after his wife, former Bill Clinton paramour
Gennifer Flowers), does not hide his feelings about the Lower Ninth.
Sitting on his bicycle, draped with Mardi Gras beads, he told Newsweek
that he is already talking to Florida investors about building
high-rises in the French Quarter that can withstand Category 5
hurricanes.  And what about the Lower Ninth?  "Give it to us, and we'll
turn it into golf courses. I heard that in Gaelic, "Katrina" means "to
purify", said Shelnutt."

Its been a while since I have read Love in the Ruins, but if memory
serves me well, is Mr. Shellnutt (a name right out of Percy!) REALLY Art
Immelman???  If not, Percy could have made Shellnutt up!  

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I'm sorry I can't remember whose suggestion it was to read LitR as a 
group, but I'd like to thank you for it.  This will be, I believe, my 
fourth reading (and the first in a long time) of LitR and I'm loving it 
once again.  The writing and the theme are holding up tremendously  (at 
least, the first section is, which is as far as I've gotten) even after 
the passing of thirty years.  I'm glad I had this nudge -- reading it 
has been a comfort, strange though that may be to say.

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