[percy-l] Group Read Suggestions?? Plea

Tommy Armstrong tfa at brickengraver.com
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Ok people, this Group Read thingy was kind of my idea, and as such I would
like to suggest a few ground rules--actually just one. Make sure to put LITR
in the subject line. Use other subject lines for hurricane, political, and
religious stuff if not directly related to LITR. All other posts will go
through but it makes it much easier to follow the thread with some kind of a
consistant subject heading. 
Now of course we are not Nazis and I am sure no one will be excommunicated
for breaking this rule, but why not just do it for simple politeness. 
Thanks in advance.
Tommy Armstrong
Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find
easier ways to do something.

Robert Heinlein


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>From here it is beginning to look as though a good bit of the overblowing of
the violence may have just possibly come from ex-Chief Compass himself,
although my jury is still out on that one. What seems a good deal more
certain however from an eyewitness to the medical scene may be found at:

It will blow your mind and break your heart. It is at times like this that I
really miss being able to talk the actually developing situation over with
Walker -- as I did on the occasion of the Mark Dixon sniping incident at the
Holiday Inn, another of his presciences come true.
Nikki Barranger
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