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Hello, Matt. Nice to read your self-introduction.

The Percy List is not in a busy mode at the moment, but from time to time the 

e-conversation springs to life.

Have you a favorite Percy book?

Jim Forest
(a member of the WP List living in Holland)

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>> I recently joined Percy-L and after glancing through the archives found it 
was customary to provide a short introduction.

>> Currently I am a graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in the Dept. of 
Government at Georgetown University, where my major field of study is political 
theory. I came to Percy through the work of Peter Lawler, particularly his book 
Aliens in America: The Strange Truth About Our Souls. After reading more of Dr. 
Lawler's writings (and hearing him speak on a few occasions) and seeing Percy 
show up time after time, I decided to explore Percy for myself.

>> By the end of this summer I should finish my first reading of all of 
Percy's fiction, though I started with and have given significant time to his 
non-fiction work. 

>> Percy has already become an important figure in my intellectual 
development and I am looking forward to the discussions this group has to offer. As I am 
23 years old I am especially interested in learning from those who have been 
thinking longer than I about what Percy has to teach we denizens of the 21st 

>> Best,

>> Matt Sitman
>> mjs83 at georgetown.edu 

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