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Dear Percy-L,

I am forwarding a message that had trouble getting through.  Welcome to the
list, Larry.  We are glad to have you onboard.


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> I have just signed up for the Percy list and been encouraged to
> introduce myself.  Briefly, I read Walker Percy's early novels in the
> 60s when I was in college, and they meant an enormous amount to me.  I
> continued reading his books as they came out; and, as a school teacher
> and then a college professor, I have found occasional opportunites to
> teach Percy.  Recently, I completed a book project on the American
> philosopher Stanley Cavell, who, I think, shares a noteworthy spiritual
> kinship with Percy.  For that reason, Percy (and The Moviegoer in
> particular) became significant terms of comparison in writing that book.
> That writing also made me eager to find further opportunities to think,
> talk, teach, and write about Walker Percy.  This list looks as though it
> may be helpful in that search.
> Larry Rhu
> Lawrence F. Rhu
> Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature
> University of South Carolina
> Columbia, SC  29208
> Tel:  803 777 0144
> Fax:  803 777 9064
> Email:  rhul at sc.edu

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