[percy-l] Artie Shaw's "The Artist in the Materialist Age"

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I subscribed to this list a couple of months ago and really thought it was
dead--but I guess there are others out there. If not a recording, a
transcript would be outstanding. 
The longer I live, the more I come to realize that Percy pretty much has the
answers to most questions that are answerable. I think his theory of
language is right on the mark--and that when God created man--he did not
necessarily not let evolution get to a certain point but He did step in and
bestow on that lucky (or cursed) creature that gift. In the beginning was
the Word. That was the act of creation-allowing a creature to comprehend
what a word is. That was the "tree of good and evil", for before language
there was no "good" or no "evil"---there was no selfawareness for there was
no word for "me". The story of  Helen Keller has been all over cable
lately--both the old movie and the new--and when she finally comprehended
the word "water" she became a human being. Her story was to Percy what that
water coming out of the pump was to Helen. She finally understood. And to my
knowledge, there is no other creature on earth that can do that. 
I'm really probably going off on the deep end as I really do not know any of
the members of this list and my comments might not be appropriate. Let me
know if they are not. 
"If you're a big enough fool to climb a tree and like a cat refuse to come
down, then someone who loves you has to make as big a fool of himself to
rescue you."
W Percy


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If a recording is available, I would love to have a copy as well.

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Is there a way to get a tape or transcript of Woods presentation?  Thanks.


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That would be a terrific program.  Perhaps more notice from them next
time...or, can this be ex;ported to Austin?




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