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I can't remember where I found it but I deal with "scientists" a lot and
thought good signature. It was on the walker percy website some where I
think as I remember copying and pasting.
 'To be born and to live is to be dislocated.'"


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"Science is extraordinarily stupid about people as people and the
consequence of this stupidity is going to do us all in if we don't do
something about it"
  Walker Percy

Could someone post the citation for the above quote? It's very timely.

Along these lines, let me mention that there's a book by Thomas Merton, a
writer Walker Percy greatly admired, that explores this theme: "Peace in the
Post-Christian Era." It was written 40 years ago but the head of Merton's
order (he was a Trappist monk) banned its publication. At last it's in print
and still quite a fresh read. The publisher is Orbis. The book's foreword is
posted at this URL:


Jim Forest

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The Wormwood File: E-Mail from Hell
At the end of C. S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters (1941), the recipient of those
missives on the art of temptation, the junior demon Wormwood, was in a
pickle -- indeed, might become a pickle, so to speak, for his
uncle-advisor's hellish delectation. Jim Forest reveals that Wormwood
survived and now advises yet-more-junior tempters, including one
Greasebeek, whose first case is the subject of these e-mails. The "client"
a young married man who, when the correspondence begins, has bought a
Gregorian chant CD. Not to worry, says Wormwood; most who buy such
things "barely listen to what is being sung" and even "give up on
Christianity simply because the music in actual churches doesn't measure
up." Besides, the client disfavors "organized religion": "What a useful
phrase that's been!" Wormwood crows. But, as in Lewis' classic, things go
from bad to better for the client. As they do, Wormwood's comments on
both contemporary spiritual fashions and age-old temptations illuminate
by contrast the strengths of orthodox Christian belief. A worthy sequel to a
perdurable popular-theology masterpiece.
-- Booklist review by Ray Olson

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the introduction and several of Wormwood's e-mails are on the web at:


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