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I wonder exactly what "extensive correspondence" means here.  I trust that it means he wrote lots of people and was indeed exceptionally responisve to those who wrote him, whether they were friends or readers who had no previous acquaintance with him.  Percy was gracious and prompt to respond in this regard so far as I can tell.  But as a writer of letters, Percy strikes me as rather preoccupied with other things -- his wonderful novels and essays.  The correspondence with Shelby Foote certainly demonstrates this imbalance, though maybe his published correspondence about Peirce with K. Kendler is different.  I don't know and must look to see about that.  Does anbody know of any other correspondence of Percy that is really ample and committed to letter-writing itself as a resource for sustained reflection and dialogue?


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Walker Percy certainly carried on an extensive correspondence and K wrote like mad--even to himself--K. used to carry on debates in his personal journals with the various psuedonyms he had created.
  It would be interesting to know just how many people wrote to Percy and got (seemingly same day) responses. Must be thousands.
  Robert Eckert
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