[percy-l] "What's so great about this Percy guy, anyway?"

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Wed Aug 31 08:04:19 EDT 2005

>> What would you say to a young person who asks, "What so great about this
Percy guy, anyway?" <<

What keeps Walker Percy in print fifteen years after his death is the sheer 
delight of reading his books.

A key word with Percy was "search." It seems to me all of his fiction and 
non-fiction have to do with that topic. As he said:

"If I had the choice of knowing the truth or searching for the truth, 
I'd take the search." 

It's a subject of the search has been much on my mind lately if for no 
other reason than I'm at work on a book about pilgrimage (understood 
not only as making journeys to distant shrines but an attitude about 
being that has little to do with travel). One way of defining a pilgrim 
is a person on a search.

Jim Forest

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