[percy-l] FW: Ms. Perkins? (for Basil David Burns)

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> From: "Basil David Burns" <bazburns at hotmail.com>
> Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 06:39:23 +0000
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> Subject: Ms. Perkins?
> Dear Admirers of Walker,
> I am hoping for three things:  1) First, I hope someone might tell me how I
> might subscribe to this list, being none too agile at these activities; 2) I
> hope that someone might tell me how to get in touch with a Ms. (Dr.?) Perkins
> who wrote a dissertation on Dr. Percy -- or perhaps you might write me back
> yourself if you are reading this!; 3) introduce myself to the list.
> I am a monk at St. Joseph Abbey where Dr. Percy sometimes made retreats.  His
> grandson is my friend, and his wife still often comes here and even tolerates
> my homilies with a lady-like gentility;  Dr. Percy is, quite literally, buried
> in my backyard, and I have often visited the stone that is the echo of his
> life to ask him of the permanent things.  In any case, I am considering my own
> dissertation work on Percy.  Please help!
> Thank you for your time and thoughtfulness, should you respond.  May God bless
> you in all you undertake.
> Respectfully,
> Fr. Basil Burns, O.S.B.

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