[percy-l] Pretense for Diarhoea

hghwy6 at aol.com hghwy6 at aol.com
Sun Aug 28 00:32:03 EDT 2005

Good Lord - thanks for the info!  I'd never heard of this New-York Times 
before.  Fortuna was really on her game when I signed up for the Walker 
Percy discussion list; otherwise I would have continued blissfully 
unaware of this startling situation in the "Middle-East" (how far is 
that from Peoria?). Keep me posted.

In the meantime, I'll just check the editorial's conclusion against my 
handy dandy WWWS (What Would Walker Say) Projection Key in order to 
contrive the precise manner in which p. 237, paragraph ii, of Cosmos 
totally validates my totally original insight of the moment on the topic 
of the day (hint: we haven't heard Rove mention Bernard's Star lately).

Also, though I recognize the dire scarcity of political propaganda these 
days, I was just wondering - hypothetically - how one might unsubscribe 
from a listserve that is filling one's inbox with frequent messages 
entirely off topic.  This was probably in the introductory email, but 
one does get a little hasty with the delete button these days.

Until later,
John, Your Pacifist Working Boy

*Bonus factoid: Spell-check replaces "Percy" with "Perky."  I think we 
ALL know what that means...turn that practiced scowl upside down people!

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