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You  are the first woman I have heard making the case for women in the middle 

Not to inject a vulgar political consideration, but Laura Bush talks about  
that a couple of times a week.  And actually went over there .
Sometimes it's the little things: the Iraqi Olympic team won no gold medals  
at Athens in 2004 and yet--this time--none of them were afraid to go home.
Pat Robertson should never open his mouth except to change feet, and what  he 
said about Senor Chavez was silly and stupid, and perhaps a crime.  And  yet 
there is something a bit smug about having this discussion ourselves and  
doing nothing to insure that others can have discussions like this as  well.  They 
can now have them in Iraq; there is no telling how much longer  they will be 
able to have them in Venezuela.  After all, the world leader  Chavez admires 
most, the Bearded One, has prisons full of political prisoners  and a pretty 
low tolerance for dissent.
Chuck Lowry
Brooklyn, New York
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