[percy-l] U.S. : Terrorist SuperPower?

J Rivas-Pita juliorivas at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 06:36:05 EDT 2005

Dear friends,

In a quite Percy-vein, let me ask those of you (the majority, I
suppose) who live in the U.S.: Do you realize that you may be living
in a terrorist superpower, by now?

Not only in the sense that Mr. Bush, à la Hitler, invades countries
using fake arguments, but also in that people like this
"televangelist" Pat Robertson -who clearly belongs into some nuts
asylum- can get away with TV appeals to assassinate Venezuela's
President without even blushing, saying that Venezuelans supossedly
are within U.S.'s "sphere of influence"?

And all Mr. Rumsfeld and the State Department can say is that
Robertson is "a private citizen" entitled to his views... Owning a
large fundamentalist "Christian" TV network that reaches a vast
audience, by the way (which both Rumsfeld and the State Department
conveniently forgot).

What would you say, for instance, if someone here in Caracas ventured
a similar proposal to "take out" Mr. Bush -assuredly a far greater
risk for all of us than President Chávez, if only because he has
control over thousands of nuclear warheads?

With all best wishes,


PS. Not a Chávez fan, by the way...

Be Happy! (Fr. Benito Ballesteros, OSB, 1924-1996)
Sé feliz! (P. Benito Ballesteros, OSB, 1924-1996)

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