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Word of the Day for Monday August 22, 2005

   schadenfreude \SHOD-n-froy-duh\, noun:
   A  malicious  satisfaction  obtained  from  the misfortunes of

     That  the  report  of Sebastian Imhof's grave illness might
     also  have  been  tinged  with Schadenfreude appears not to
     have crossed Lucas's mind.
     --Steven Ozment, [1]Flesh and Spirit

     He  died  three years after me -- cancer too -- and at that
     time  I  was  still  naive  enough to imagine that what the
     afterlife  chiefly  provided  were unrivalled opportunities
     for unbeatable gloating, unbelievable schadenfreude.
     --Will Self, [2]How The Dead Live

     Somewhere  out  there,  Pi  supposed, some UC Berkeley grad
     students  must  be shivering with a little Schadenfreude of
     their own about what had happened to her.
     --Sylvia Brownrigg, [3]The Metaphysical Touch

     The  historian  Peter  Gay  --  who felt Schadenfreude as a
     Jewish  child in Nazi-era Berlin, watching the Germans lose
     coveted  gold  medals in the 1936 Olympics -- has said that
     it "can be one of the great joys of life."
     --Edward  Rothstein,  "Missing  the  Fun  of  a Minor Sin,"
     [4]New York Times, February 5, 2000

   Schadenfreude  comes from the German, from Schaden, "damage" +
   Freude, "joy." It is often capitalized, as it is in German.


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