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Seems to me like the s.k. quote is a big clue pointing toward the stage Binx finally enters, if you consider the quote in its full original context, at least.

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  Hello to all,

  I'm always surprised by the fact that apparently most readers of The
  Moviegoer pass by the key to the novel without seeming to notice
  -perhaps because it is outside the novel proper, in the Kierkegaard
  quote after the title page.

  If you take it off the shelf and read the quote, I think you'll
  understand what I mean -and how some obscure or misleading points and
  characters fall into place.

  By the way, I wonder also how many of the critics have taken the
  trouble to engage in earnest conversation with "The Sickness Unto
  Death"... (as undoubtedly Percy did, among other things).

  All best wishes from Caracas,


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