[percy-l] "Padre Benito, OSB"

J Rivas-Pita juliorivas at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 14:16:23 EDT 2005

>From Prof. Ruben Habito, Methodist Southern University, Dallas, TX,
Zen teacher, author of "Healing Breath" and Abbott of Maria Kannon Zen

"This delightful work offers us a refreshing look at Padre Benito, a
Benedictine priest who embodied the Zen spirit in his life and in his words.
It confirms a sneaking suspicion of a growing number that Zen not only goes
beyond words and doctrines, it also transcends religious boundaries."
Ruben L.F. Habito
Maria Kannon Zen Center
Dallas, Texas

Be Happy! (Fr. Benito Ballesteros, OSB, 1924-1996)
Sé feliz! (P. Benito Ballesteros, OSB, 1924-1996)

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